Our doctors take pride in offering their patients the highest quality dental care. Riding the crest of the latest dental technology, we do our homework daily so that we can stay at the forefront of our field and provide you with the best dental experience and results.

1. For Early Detection

We have many tools at our disposal to help us diagnose problems early before they become big problems.

        Diagnodent- A small, pen-like instrument allows us to take up-close pictures of your teeth, fractures and other problems. And the revolutionary Diagnodent laser technology finds cavities just as they are beginning—before we can see them with the naked eye or in x-rays.

             These technologies allow us to diagnose potential problems, communicate treatment needs, and plan effective therapy before extensive treatment is needed. 

                         VELscope- an exciting new hand-held machine that allows us to detect abnormal cell changes and malignancies in the oral cavity otherwise not visible to the naked eye and during our routine cancer checks.

2. For Accurate Diagnosis

We use Digital X-rays. This allows us to not only display crisp and accurate images on a screen immediately but reduces exposure to radiation by 80-90%.

3.  For Better Understanding

Intraoral cameras are among the most sophisticated pieces of dental equipment available today. With video monitors, we are able to show you your own teeth magnified onscreen. Now you can see what we see, and better understand your dental needs.

With Multimedia Patient Education, we can play an easy-to-understand DVD presentation that uses video, animation, graphics, and narration to simply explain your treatment alternatives.

Both of these technologies help us give our patients the information needed to make well-informed treatment decisions.

4.  For Comfort

Our office provides No-Shot No-Drill Pain-Free Dentistry with the Air Abrasion laser technology. Through this wonderful tool, patients with small fillings can have them repaired with no anesthetic and without the sound of the drill in their ears. It makes your visit much more pleasant and is a wonderful way to introduce your children to the dentist!


5.  For Entertainment

To make your experience with us more enjoyable, we have videos available to choose from or bring in your own favorite for viewing during your dental procedures... There’s a regular TV installed above each chair—lay back and watch the screen as we take care of you.

Would you rather just close your eyes and listen to music? We have headphones and CD players so you can "lose yourself" in your favorite tunes.


We don’t believe in technology for technology sake. Each of these technological tools serves an important purpose in the process for successful, quality dental care—to diagnose problems early, to help you understand and choose the right treatment option for you, to allow us to provide you with the best treatment in a comfortable and relaxed environment. It is all these elements that allow us to provide you with the high-quality results you deserve.

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