Consultation vs Comprehensive Examination

 The difference between a consultation and a comprehensive examination lies in the amount of data the dentist has at their disposal to make an accurate assessment of your dental concerns. While we do perform dental consultations and second opinion appointments, we always inform our patients that the opinions rendered are derived only from a cursory preview of your dental condition and may not hold true when all the facts have been gathered.

A comprehensive examination, on the other hand, allows the dentist to gather all the necessary patient and dental data thus resulting in an accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and options for your successful dental treatment. Also, in terms of financial considerations, we find our patients don't want to pay twice for something that can easily be done for the price of one.

The Glenview Dental Initial Comprehensive Dental Examination

What makes our initial visit stand out?

To begin with, the doctors book 1.5 hours with all our new patients. Here at Glenview Dental Associates, it is all about the relationships we make and have with you- our patients.  We want to get to know you. We want to hear, and understand your concerns, needs, goals, questions, and any apprehensions you have. It is during this visit, that we also educate our patients on different dental procedures available or clarify any dental questions you might have that will further pinpoint what you're actually looking for.  As doctors, we can not effectively accomplish any of these goals if we are rushed or haven't been allotted the appropriate amount of time.

So what does the Glenview Dental Initial Visit include and why do so many new patients join our dental family?

  1. A discussion of the reason for your visit to our office, your concerns, desired outcomes, and any other questions.

  2. A review of your Medical history, current medications, and  allergies.

  3. A review of your Dental History, habits, and concerns.

  4. We take your Blood pressure ensuring you are not in any immediate medical risk that needs to be addressed first before proceeding.

  5. Perform our comprehensive dental examination which includes:

    - External and Internal Lymph Node Evaluation
    - TMJ Examination and Evaluation
    - Orthodontic Evaluation
    - External and Internal Oral Cancer
    - Check Tongue Examination
    - Periodontal Examination
    - Cavity Examination using both Traditional Methods and The Diagnodent( Laser Detection Of Cavities)
    - Take Comprehensive Digital X-Rays (unless you already have a current set which can be transferred to us)

  6. Prepare a treatment plan for you based on our previous discussions

  7. Present treatment plan to you along with any treatment options available to you. It is at this visit also that we discuss the time required to complete the agreed-upon treatment, the costs that are involved, and finally your insurance or other financial options available to you.

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